Pokemon Z release date rumours Legendary Zygarde to have five forms and it looks awesome

pokemon-z-release-date-rumours_thumb336We’re growing increasingly excited about the next Pokémon game from Nintendo, rumoured to be called Pokémon Z, as new details about its legendary Pokémon Zygarde have emerged. We bring you all of the latest information about Pokemon Z in this rumour round-up, including Pokémon Z release date rumours and other speculation.

Pokémon Z release date: When is Pokémon Z coming out?

Whilst there’s been no official announcement from Nintendo as yet, the internet is convinced that Pokémon Z is set to be released in 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.

Pokémon X and Y were released in October 2013.

Pokémon Z rumours: New Pokémon, gameplay and features

Since whispers of a Pokémon Z game for 2016 began, the fandom hasn’t stopped buzzing with excitement about what’s going to be in store for players.

So far, it’s believed that Zygarde will be the Legendary Pokémon for the game, alongside X and Y’s Xerneas and Yveltal. Zygarde was introduced with Pokémon X and Y, but four new versions have been announced in the October 2015 issue of Japan’s CoroCoro magazine.

Zygarde starts life as Core

Big Budget Blockbusters Dominate Fall Video Games

13SUELLENTROP5-master675The twin rise of digital distribution and a robust independent scene has made video games more diverse, more rewarding and more unpredictable than at any time in the medium’s history. It’s usually hard to see much evidence of that, however, in the fall release schedule, which is dominated by big-budget blockbusters that too often play it safe.

Still, I’m more than capable of getting excited about expensive and well-made mainstream entertainment. Two of the most interesting video games of 2015 — Konami’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain for PCs, PlayStations and Xboxes, and Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker for Wii U — went on sale during the first two weeks of September. And there are at least a few smaller games that have a chance to break through despite their not being advertised with noisy, explosion-filled trailers during major televised sporting events.

This fall is also likely to see the first trickle of a rush of virtual-reality headsets that are being marketed to ordinary consumers rather than V. R. enthusiasts. By

Watch Heroes of the Storm World of Warcraft and Hearthstone European Championships this weekend

2015-european-road-to-blizzcon_thumb336The 2015 European Road to Blizzcon starts tomorrow, 3 October 2015, and with tickets completely sold out to the event, there’s only one way for those of you without tickets to watch. Here, we show you how to watch the World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone European championships being held throughout the weekend. Plus, there’s a special surprise for those of you lucky enough to go along – read on to find out more.

How to watch 2015 European Road to Blizzcon: What is Blizzcon?

So, what exactly is the 2015 European Road to Blizzcon? It’s a weekend-long event where fans of popular Blizzard-developed games including World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone come to watch European eSporting heroes battle it out for cash prizes. Basically, it’s the gaming version of the European Championships, with serious prizes up for grabs. Specifically, the winners of the Heroes of the Storm championships will bag themselves a whopping $176,000, World of Warcraft winners will bag $100,000 and Hearthstone winners get $25,000.

That’s serious money, and the pressure is on. Attendees will be able to cheer

What to choose: Playstation 4 or XBOX one

As expected a lot of people are tending toward a game system. For example, if you find yourself in that camp you have already known what system to get. Nearly all people however are not so set to one brand of system. In that case it is supportive to make out how two of the most up-to-date systems stack up to each other. As a result, some tips below will assist you if you want to buy Playstation 4 for you or your friends:

  • Price

Originally the Xbox one used to be a great hundred dollars over the Playstation 4. However, time and options have changed. You can now choose what type of package you want. In general, that comes with the console, wires and a controller. However depending on the bundle can take in a game, headphones, motion control gadget, and/ or a membership to their member program. The price can differ seriously depending on the package.

  • Controllers

Both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox one made a number of changes, but they were generally slight ergonomic modifications from previous versions. As a result if you were pleased with previous versions you should be

Super Casino Operator For Your Next Bet

Online casino games, though you can’t take it lightly, but the ideas of its existence is for fun, at least some part of it. For that reason, it is important to choose your operator right. Have any ideas? Suggestion for you, don’t plainly choose any super casino sites that you find. Considering to create an account to transfer your deposit, seriously you need to know what option that is good for you, and what option that caters you with the opposite effect. Not easy, for sure. But, it is not necessarily difficult as well.

To begin with, more if you are new player for this industry, go to such a site where you will discover comprehensive guide to pick online casino operator that meets your need. Usually, they will display you with many selections for operators you can choose based on your criteria. It is not easy to gather one by one option, but it won’t be a matter if you consider a site where it is viable for you to access good online casino operator that you think best for you through review that you can use as consideration anytime you choose your casino operator to play online.

Bonus announcement

Online Communities Playing Valentine Online Bingo Match


To find an online gambling site that is very important, the proper amount of research. You never want to jump into anything with a gambling site, not everything I know that for the first time on the website. You can find this information in different ways.

First, you want to websites that interest you and make you a list of them. Thus, make sure you do not forget all the online Bingo Sites that have potential. From there, you should visit each site and take notes on what you like and do not like about each. It is much easier than trying to recall which side they offer. If you rely on your memory, you may miss something important at the end to end. Once this option, you want your search to three online Bingo Sites you like to refine. This allows you to concentrate better on a good decision.

Many online casinos provide a huge quantity of games you could prefer so that you’ll be able to don’t be frustrated. If you are browsing for any detailed on-line game or would like

What Has Happened to Hearthstone?

Blizzard Entertainment is well known for the games they have designed and published, connecting millions of people around the world. World of Warcraft has brought tens of millions of people together into a gaming culture that has profound impacts on societies all over the world. StarCraft might be singularly responsible for the advent and popularity of E-sports which has grown from its massive popularity in South Korea to finally take America by storm. However, it’s their lesser known game Hearthstone that has been bothering me lately. I’ve begun using http://hearthstonecheats.com because of the power creep which has been happening in the game thanks to the pay-for-win the lead designers are responsible for creating. As a gamer who has gamed for most of his life there is nothing more obscene to me than a game that allows a player to have an edge because they’re willing to pay more than another play. Continue reading

Learn the Best Ways to Play and Win Chess Games

Playing the checker board game is no doubt an enjoyable choice for many people. If you enjoy playing this game, then you should try attaining knowledge about the ways to win these games. This is a challenging indoor game that entails great intelligence of the players. Therefore, for attaining an advantageous position in playing this game, when you will aspire for choosing the best means of attaining information, it will surely be an admiring opportunity for you. The days have come to get the most beneficial opportunities by grabbing knowledge from the reputed websites. When you will aspire for improving your skill to play these games, you will attain the best opportunity from the reputed sites as they offer help in this concern in the best way. You will get online guidance from them. You can purchase books as well as CDs to from them. The books, written by the experienced players will help you in the best way in meeting your desires. Therefore, you should take every benefit to play and win the games.

To practice the indoor games, specially the mental games, those are available online you can choose the online platform. It will offer you the best opportunity

Subway Surfers Best Skills

I remember during past days, I introduced some basic but useful rules on war fighters maneuver skills, and this time I will bring some best skills I’ve ever seen on Subways Surfers skateboards!

To start it off, I don’t know whether you like mobile video games like this style, I also recommend you some mobile strategy games, free mobile game download if you like.

Well guess what!! Two Danish game developers took this dream and in the year 2012 launched a game called as Subway Surfers. The character in this game is clearly devised on the stereotypical images we have of skateboarders. He is always dressed in jeans and a jacket with a hood. The hood is stretched over his head which is covered with an oversized cap. The stereotype continues with the image on the cover of the game in which the character is holding a spray can.

Skill one: Everyone has a different preference as to their swiping style, one finger or two. My son for example will always use one single finger and score really well. Me on the other hand, well I’ll use my right index finger for moving right, jumping and rolling and my left index finger for

Aircraft Fighter 2D Review

It’s a 2D fun shooting game. Its story of and gameplay is simple. The user has been given an aircraft to shoot down enemy aircrafts, which are coming from the opposite direction to destroy the user aircraft. While playing user can collect coins and hearts to increase the scores & health lost when hit by the enemy planes, picking up coins will increase user money but it is only for display purpose as there is no use of it at any place in the game for now but may be in the future version developers may provide something to do with the collected coins.

Aircraft Fighter has total 3 levels to play and within each level there are 3 waves to clear in order to complete the level after defeating the enemy bosses. In each level user have to destroy all the enemy aircrafts to clear the waves and after clearing the waves, the player has to fight the boss at the end of the level. Boss plane is big in size with a health bar than the other planes, which are destroyed in the waves, and requires more bullets and missiles to be destroyed by the player. Once user destroys

Improve Your Gaming with Clash of Clans Cheats

First of all, there is no denying the fact that iPhone or iPad games are entertaining and fun to play, but if you want to improve your gaming experience and take a game to a whole new level then you should get some cheat codes or hack the game. Clash of Clans is an interesting, exhilarating and fun game for Apple smartphones and tablets but people find the game very challenging. 

There is no denying the fact that iPhone or iPad games are entertaining and fun to play, but if you want to improve your gaming experience and take a game to a whole new level then you should get some cheat codes or hack the game. Clash of Clans is an interesting, exhilarating and fun game for Apple smartphones and tablets but people find the game very challenging. Thus began the outbreak of Clash of Clans cheats and Clash of Clans hack in the online world. These cheat codes and hack promise to deliver an even more entertaining gaming experience for those who choose to use them.

Clash of Clans cheats and hacks are available online and in order to gain access to these one should consult cheat sites, look

Quake Live is no longer free to play

Quake Live, arguably the most enduring free-to-play first-person shooter, is no longer free-to-play. An update published yesterday on the game’s Steam page announced the arrival of Steamworks integration and the termination of the Quake Live subscription service. That means friend lists, chat, lobbies, voice chat, server browsers and statistics now all run through Steam.

That’s fine, but as Kotaku notes, not all is well in paradise. For starters, it’s unclear whether id Software or publisher Bethesda ever gave forewarning that the game will now attract a US$10 charge – not that it really matters to current players anyway, since anyone with the game in their Steam library already won’t have to pay.

What does sting is that veterans of the game are reporting that their old statistics and friend lists have been lost. The Quake Live forums are awash with complaints that their stats have been wiped, which must hurt anyone who has been playing since its launch in 2010.

Meanwhile, the changes brought by the removal of a subscription service seem to compensate for the newly installed price tag. “By retiring our services and subscription service, all players now have the same benefits and features in-game. All players can participate in map

Minecraft Story Mode release date platforms trailer and gameplay

Announced initially at the end of last year, Minecraft Story Mode is coming to a console, PC or mobile near you. Here’s everything you need to know about Minecraft Story Mode release date, platforms, gameplay and watch the official trailer.

“You’ll embark on a perilous adventure across the Overworld, through the Nether, to the End, and beyond,” said the firm. “You and your friends revere the legendary Order of the Stone: Warrior, Redstone Engineer, Griefer, and Architect; slayers of the Ender Dragon. While at EnderCon in hopes of meeting Gabriel the Warrior, Jesse’s friends discover that something is wrong… something dreadful. Terror is unleashed, and you must set out on a quest to find The Order of the Stone if you are to save your world from oblivion.”

See also: The most anticipated games of 2015 and 2016

Minecraft Story Mode release date and platforms

Made by Telltale Games, the Story Mode version of Minecraft will be a narrative-driven video game about Minecraft closely developed with Mojang (now a subsidiary of Microsoft) and members of the community. It will be released in episodes just like other games including The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1 will

Trackmania Turbo delayed to 2016

Trackmania debuted in 2003, and in the decade-plus since has evolved from a silly little confection to a gorgeous, stupidly-fast arcade racing game with a thriving online community. The latest addition to the series, Trackmania Turbo, was announced earlier this year and slated to come out in either November or December. Today, however, Ubisoft announced that, because it loves you, it’s decided to delay the game into early 2016.

“During the additional months, we plan to enhance the campaign and the game’s interface. Since multiplayer is such a strong component of the Trackmania experience, we also plan to continue improving Trackmania Turbo’s multiplayer mode,” Ubisoft explained on its blog. “The extra time will give us an opportunity to make sure that the online infrastructure is stable and that the online experience is a smooth one.”

Ubi is also working in a new mode for user-made tracks that it says will “spur competition between players,” and will further fine-tune the random generator feature and improve the Trackbuilder to it more “accessible and complete.”

It’s a bit dated at this point—it was released in 2008—but Trackmania Nations Forever is a great way to get a full-on taste of the Trackmania experience if you’ve missed out

Mad Max is one of the most brutal explosive and satisfying games of 2015

Mad Max game review

Avalanche Studios is incredibly busy at the moment, developing not only the third instalment of the Just Cause series but also Mad Max, a game reminiscent of the Mad Max: Fury Road movie released earlier this year. When we say reminiscent, we’re not talking about characters and storylines, but more of an inspiration for the game. Yes, Max is essentially the same character, and the environment is similar in both the game and the film, but apart from that no other parallels can be drawn. With this being said, has Avalanche Studios done enough to simulate the chaos in the baron wasteland Mad Max is set in, or has it fallen flat? Read our review to find out.

Mad Max game review: Open world and weather system

Mad Max is set in a desolate post-apocalyptic world with huge sand dunes, vicious gang-based warfare and scavenging rife throughout the land. The game itself is open world, with two main pillars focused on exploration and combat, both on-foot and (of course) in-car. Although it’s not known by the inhabitants, players soon realise that this is set in what would be San Francisco, with what’s left of the Golden Gate bridge visible

Watch the disastrous Hearthstone misplay that cost a chance to go to BlizzCon

Luck might be the biggest determinant in who wins Hearthstone games between two equally skilled pro-level players, but even so you still have to play your hand absolutely perfectly. Even a minor mistake will cost you most games. The mistake Pavel made in this weekend’s Hearthstone European World Championship was most definitely not minor.

Pavel was playing against Lifecoach in Group B, with four places at this year’s World Championship at BlizzCon and a prize pool of $25,000 up for grabs. Having gone 2-0 down in the best of five, he has clawed one game back and stands on the brink of levelling the series and potentially completing the reverse sweep.

First though, he needs to clear Sylvanas Windrunner from Lifecoach’s side of the board, using a Mortal Coil to kill his own Defender of Argus and draw a card before trading into Sylvanas with Loatheb, thereby preventing the undead elf from stealing a minion when she dies.

Only he gets the order all wrong. Pavel drops his Dr Boom before making the Loatheb trade, and it should go without saying that of the three targets now on the board, her deathrattle picks the juicy 7/7 to steal. The crowd goes absolutely nuts,

Star Wars Battlefront will not use microtransactions

Star Wars Battlefront will use a “two-tier currency system” of points and credits, which sounds like the sort of thing that inevitably leads to microtransactions. This is especially true since, as GameSpot explained, credits are used to acquire better, deadlier weaponry as you struggle to free the galaxy from the Empire’s black-gloved grip (or, uh, look to tighten that grip, if you’re playing on Team Dark Side). But design director Niklas Fegraeus says that’s not going to be the case this time around.

“The currency system is based on your game performance. The credits that you use to buy things in the game are earned. You play the game, complete challenges, and that’s how you get credits,” Fegraeus said. When pressed, he emphasized that the only way to earn credits, “absolutely,” is through playing the game.

“[Microtransactions are] not part of the core design of how it works,” he said. “This is a progression system based on your gameplay performance.”

To which I say, good! I’m not one to believe that microtransactions are inherently evil, but I do think that they’re appropriate primarily for free-to-play games, and not those for which I pay $70 plus applicable sales taxes.

We talked with Fegraeus recently about why the

When is Star Wars Battlefront coming out? Star Wars Battlefront beta open to all

The new Star Wars game is set to arrive alongside a new film this Christmas, and we’re excited to have learned more details about its open beta. Here’s what you need to know about Star Wars Battlefront’s UK release date, price and gameplay details. See also: 19 games you should be most excited about for 2015.

Star Wars fans – check out our list of the best Star Wars gifts and gadgets 2015.

Star Wars Battlefront UK release date: When is Star Wars Battlefront coming out?

Star Wars Battlefront goes on sale in November 2015, with the exact release date to be confirmed. EA announced the news on Twitter.

Star Wars Battlefront price: How much will Star Wars Battlefront cost?

You can pre-order the game now which will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Amazon has it priced at £48 for the consoles while GAME has it pegged at £54. You’ll also like: PS4 vs Xbox One comparison

Star Wars Battlefront beta open to everyone

There’s no confirmed date for the Star Wars Battlefront beta test, which is expected sometime in early October, but Community Manager Mathew Everett has said the Battlefront beta will be open to everyone. According to Everett, it will feature on- and

Taking Liberties a Deus Ex story

What, exactly, is so great about Deus Ex? It didn’t sell amazingly well, and plenty of gamers played it and just didn’t see the point. Why all the reverence? Why is this talked about like it’s the Mona Lisa of game design?

My exact answer changes each time I write about this, but like any Deus Ex fan, I always end up using the first level as an example. Liberty Island – tiny by island standards, but huge for an open-air game level. It showcased everything that was unique and exciting about the game’s open-ended approach to missions, demand for tactical planning, and constant surprises. So I played through that level one more time, the way I like to play, and used everything that happened as a demonstration of why I love this game like nothing else.

This feature originally appeared in the August ’09 UK print edition of PC Gamer, and it opened with this image, showing how I got inside the statue. Click for the big version.

Well, this is awkward. I’m looking at a security monitor that shows three armed terrorists all pointing their guns at one man. A man who’s looking at a security monitor. If I look up,

Valve brings Steam Sections to GameStop GAME UK and EB Games

Valve has joined with GameStop, GAME UK, and EB Games to bring dedicated “Steam Sections” to their stores in the US, UK, and Canada later this fall. The new sections will feature Steam Hardware devices, including the Controller, Link, and a number of Steam Machines, as well as Steam prepaid cards in various denominations.

“GameStop, GAME UK, and EB Games are leading retail destinations for core gamers and early adopters,” Valve Supremo Gabe Newell said in a statement. “Creating a ‘store within a store’ across North America and the UK is a significant win for getting the first generation of Steam Hardware products into gamers’ hands.”

“Steam has helped grow PC gaming into a leading platform for games,” GameStop SVP of Merchandising Bob Puzon added. “With millions of gamers already enjoying the Steam desktop experience, we anticipate a strong demand for the upcoming Steam Hardware products and are looking forward to serving as the exclusive non-digital retail launch partner.”

That last reminder about GameStop being Valve’s “exclusive” partner in this venture (in the US) is very much marketing-speak, but still worth quoting because it’s true. The PC has re-emerged as an important, perhaps even dominant, gaming platform largely through the strength of the